The Importance of Regular Maintenance of Farm Machinery

This is the post excerpt.


If you are a farmer then quality farm machinery that runs properly and has a long life is essential to the profitability of your farming operation. However, over time your equipment will begin to wear and break down. This can be extremely detrimental to your farming business as machinery breakdowns can be very costly. Even worse is the amount of downtime there will be to wait for the equipment to be fixed, especially if it occurs during the busy harvest or haying seasons. This is why regular maintenance of all machinery on the farm is very important to mitigate larger more expensive problems.

There are two types of equipment maintenance, repair and preventative. Repair maintenance refers to maintenance done to a machine after some form of minor damage has already occurred or a minor mechanical malfunction has been detected. An example of this would be replacing oil seals after a leak is detected. This form of maintenance is important because it fixes minor damages to the equipment before it has the chance to cause much larger and more costly problems. Preventative maintenance is maintenance that is done before you use any piece of equipment that should be done at least once a day if it is being used frequently. This form of maintenance is designed to prevent any form of equipment failure.An example of preventative maintenance is checking all the fluid levels and moving parts (belts, bearings, knives etc.) on a piece of equipment to find and fix any wear and tear that might cause that machine to breakdown. This video explains why preventative maintenance is important for farm machinery.

In conclusion, by regularly checking and maintaining your equipment, you can save yourself allot of time and money in the long run. Also, it is easier on the wallet to replace small parts than to buy all new equipment. Visit this article if you want to learn more tips on how to properly maintain and get the best return on investment for your equipment.

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